I left the corporate world in July 2016 having worked for Sainsbury’s for over 20 years as both a Regional Manager and Executive Coach. I worked in the North east, Yorkshire, Edinburgh and, for the last 30 months, in London. This year I decided the time was right to return to my native north east. I have a passion for coaching and a strong belief in the unlimited potential of every individual, so continuing my career as a coach was the obvious next step. I believe it’s important to keep my skills relevant and current and I wanted to be the best I could be, I spent 6 months honing my skills in France, Spain, South Africa and India in pursuit of coaching excellence. This also enabled me to get a wider coaching perspective and an opportunity to coach people from variety of cultures and background.

I have had extensive training in both Coaching and NLP, training with Dr Richard Bandler co creator of NLP, Sue Knight, author of the best selling ‘NLP at Work’ and Curly Martin, author of the ‘Life Coaching Handbook’. During my time at Sainsbury’s, I completed a 9 month programme with Lane 4 and accredited by the University of Middlesex to become a qualified Master Coach.

My Values

  • Honesty: If I am not the right coach for my clients I will suggest alternative resources
  • Confidentiality: Our conversations will always remain confidential between us.
  • Learning: I will undertake professional development to continue to give my clients the best possible outcomes
  • Respect: I will conduct all our meetings with absolute dignity, integrity and respect.
  • Belief in Potential: I firmly believe in the unlimited potential of every individual and I will be totally committed to your personal development and success.