Life Changing Decisions – My Life as an Executive Coach


Is your dream job just around the corner?

Just over 3 years ago I left a my job working as a Senior Manager with Sainsbury’s in Holborn Store Support Centre, how my life has changed. While working with Sainsbury’s I was lucky enough to be one of their 30 Master Coaches, so I regularly coached individuals and teams to reach their full potential. I have worked as a coach since 2004 combining it with my Role as a Regional Manager.

Today I’m travelling to London, to Coach one of my lovely corporate clients. I’m also seizing the moment to catch up with a great friend for lunch. Tomorrow I’m delivering a course for the prison service and then have appointments with two clients in my home one for hypnotherapy and the other for BWRT.

I used to travel to London every Monday, when working for Sainsbury’s knowing I had 5 days ahead in a vibrant, fabulous, exciting city working hard but still living the dream. In reality I was often lonely and missing my loved ones, worrying that I wasn’t always there when I was needed.

Three years later, I have my life in balance, I work as a Leadership Coach and at home I use Hypnotherapy and BWRT to change my clients lives and have created a life that I love.