NLP Taster Weekend 29th / 30th April

NLP taster weekend

Why not join us for a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of NLP. The venue is Judges Country House Hotel. In picturesque Yarm

NLP gives you gives you a set of useful skills and insights. So, you can use these skills and insights to improve how you communicate with others. Most of all you will learn how to manage your moods and live a more rewarding life.

The NLP tools you will explore during the 2 days;

Language Patterns –  how the way we use language can influence our emotional state and our behaviour.
Sub – Modalities exploring our unconscious filters on the world.
Clean Language – helping you to ask questions with respect for what is really going on for others.
Anchoring –  managing your emotional state while allowing you to can change this when you want to.
Perceptual positions – transforming difficult situations and as a result relationships into win/win outcomes.