Are you waiting for the perfect moment?

Fishermen Cherai beach India

Are you waiting for the perfect moment?

I was alone walking slowly on the beach in Cherai India after a sunrise Yoga session. All around me was calm and I was peaceful and relaxed. The colours of the rising sun yellow, pink and purple filled the sky and warmed my face. The incoming tide gently washed my toes cleaning the soft sand away. In the distance I could hear the exotic birds singing their morning chorus welcoming the dawn.

I noticed a boat with local fishermen in traditional dress about 50 metres off shore swirling their circular nets as they caught sardines, their voices hushed yet excited. I reached for my camera suddenly so excited to get that perfect shot. Eager to capture the essence of the scene so I hesitated waiting for them to come closer and then….
The moment was lost as they turned the boat out to sea. A sense of disappointment filled me, why had I waited so long?

I already had the a perfect moment. So the next morning I took these photos.

When you live your life hesitating and waiting for the perfect moment to speak or act that moment may never come, take a moment now to appreciate the beauty within and around you the wait is over.